Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Faith in the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a tough time, and it's a time that really puts the hearts of us Christians to test.

Are we able to give grace like we said we would in the Lord's Prayer?
Do we really love our neighbors like that in Jesus' good Samaritan parable?
Do we deal with people with a different attitude and manner than that of the world like Jesus teaches us?
As we pray for those on the front line serving us during this time, do we remember to pray for those that we actually come into contact with regularly? Are we just praying for a category of people, rather than the actual people?

I, as a Christian, have to constantly remind myself of these when I interact with people and deal with challenges, because I know I could fail at these so easily, and the truth is I have. I ask for God's grace, and I hope I will deal with people just as graciously as God deals with me.

Do not let this pandemic become a stumbling block, but rather a opportunity to test our hearts, and to make us more like Christ. I believe this is how we exercise our faith.

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