Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Misfortunate Son of God

Source: Anawim Christian Community
If I’m being honest with you and tell you that becoming a Christian won’t make life easier, healthier or richer, and sometimes it may even make things harder, you may wonder why the hack, then, would anyone want to become a Christian? Good question! I have the same question for Jesus, actually – Why would the Son of God want to become a human? And why didn’t he become a rich and powerful one, but a poor one with quite some misfortunes in life?

Yes, the Son of God had quite a misfortunate life: He was born in a manger, because all the hotel rooms and guest houses were sold out, oops. He was hated for simply being him, and people tried to kill him when he was still a baby, oops. Traveling on foot for miles and miles was a natural part of his life, as well as hunger, thirst and sleep deprivation, oops. He got countless people trying to crack his head with rocks, and trying to push him down the cliff, oops. He eventually got beaten up, flogged and nailed to a tree log, and died of suffocation, yikes! And yes, his life was so misfortunate that people laughed at him when he was nailed to the tree log. They said to him as he was struggling to breathe, “If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross! Save yourself! Mahahaha…” (evil laughter added by me for the effect).

So I guess, I am a lunatic who believe in a…joke? And you may ask, so is it worth it for me to dedicate my life to Jesus? I have the same question for Jesus, actually – was it worth it for the Son of God to become a human…a misfortunate one?

I think the answer lies in each encounter that Jesus had with the people he met during his time on earth. It was with each kid that he welcomed into his arms, each friend he made, each person he healed, and each life he touched. It is because of his humble birth that he was deeply connected with the common people, and yet it was with his divine authority, he stood by the poor, the needy and the marginalized. It was with his violent death that he accomplished the unthinkable – human beings can now have genuine relationship with God, not just as believers, but as God’s children!

No one knows human hearts more than Jesus – the Creator/Sustainer of human beings, and a human person himself, and yet he loved us in our strengths, weakness, our intelligence and our ignorance – our imperfect humanity. Rather than hatred, it was this profound understand of humanity that led to his great compassion for us. So I think he enjoyed the friendship with Matthew and Zacchaeus, the tax collectors. I think it warmed his heart when Mary sat by his feet. I think it broke his heart when he saw people mourning for Lazarus. I think he felt hurt for the woman caught in adultery, who the Pharisees were trying to kill. I think it was refreshing to him when the gentile man and woman showed great faith in him. I think he was inspired by the brief conversation he had with this random woman at the well. As much as his students/best buds were slow to grasp the truth, he loved them. Even when he was betrayed by his best pal Peter, he had a soft spot for him.

I think it’s the relationships Jesus had, has and will have with each human person that made it worth it. What could delight the Creator of the universe more than when his wonderful creations choose to come into relationship with him? Jesus’ life on earth may have been misfortunate, but it was also blessed. So is it worth it for me to dedicate my life to him. It is his humble birth and rough death for his loved ones that made it worth it. It is the relationship that I have with him made it worth it. Even as a Christian that I may still struggle in so many aspects of my life, it is my relationship with Jesus that made it worth it. I’m sorry if we the Christians have failed to reflect the compassionate and longsuffering nature of our Christ, but just as he welcomed each kid into his arms, he welcomes EACH and EVERY ONE into having a relationship with him. Don’t let an easier, healthier and richer life, anything, and anyone keep you from running into his arms.

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