Monday, February 18, 2013

This is not KFC!

Recently I was grumpy at God for the few things that I have been praying over for a long time that have yet to come into reality. This grumpiness reminds me of a KFC TV commercial that was broadcasted in Taiwan long time ago – it was a guy, after biting on a piece of fried chicken, he rolls on the floor and cries, “This is not KFC! This is not KFC!” I was a lot like that guy, rolling on the floor and crying to God, “Make my wish come true! Make my wish come true!”

When we face difficulties in life, whether that be financial issues, health issues, anxieties, or struggles of any kind, our faiths are challenged. Some may become grumpy like me, and some may even fall out of faith. In times like this, I’m always thankful that God has always been giving me the opportunities to share my experiences of God with my friends, listen to my friends sharing God’s works in their lives, and to witness miracles.

To count the blessings is helpful for me to see beyond the crappy place I’m stuck in, and to be reminded of God’s sovereignty over everything. Nope, we may not always get the piece of fried chicken in our timing and/or from our favorite restaurant, but at the end of the day, this spoiled child of God (me!) will stand up, wipe off the tears, and go on to love her dear Father, and wait [a little more] patiently for His timing and doing.

To watch the KFC commercial (in Mandarin):

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