Friday, December 14, 2012

In Christ Alone

It's another cloudy cold day in Southern California, yet the shooting incident in Connecticut made it even more gray and chilling. If I remember correctly, it's been the third major massacre in the US within a year. As I read through the news, thoughts raced in my head: What is wrong with these murderers? What is wrong with this nation? What is wrong with this world?

Why are kids shot, women abused, man killed, animals mistreated? Why as technology evolves, and as our lives become easier, but we are not happier? Why do we suffer in our hearts, and why do we hurt each other?

I wanted to argue with God - if He is loving as I know He is, then why would He allow these tragedies to happen? I wanted to question Him as if He owes the happiness, peace and safety to the world.

Consider what we have as gifts, and consider us blessed. What we have can be easily taken away. There is no guarantee that we'll always live to see another day. The end of the world or not, we are always walking toward death - no one lives forever.

Therefore, keep your eyes fixed on the one who is, and who was, and who is to come. With Him there is peace for those who suffered and wrestled. With Him there will finally be rest for the earth and joy to all creatures. To Him I cried Hosanna, and in Christ alone my hope is found.

May God have mercy on the lost souls, and grace with all.

p.s.: The same goes to those who stabbed in the attack in the elementary school in China.

In Christ Alone:

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