Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Jesus Culture

Our cultures should never be above the Jesus culture. We may blend with the earthly cultures for the sake of the Gospel, but we should never let it hinder our heavenly identity.

What is the Jesus culture then? It's a culture of Love, the kind of love that drove Jesus to eat with the sinners - namely us all; the kind of love that sent Christ to the cross; the kind of love that drew us to God; the kind of love that led us to this journey of transformation into Christ’s image; the kind of love that would break us for the sake of others; the kind of love that doesn’t discriminate; the kind of love through which God blesses us so He may bless others through us; the kind of love that’s contagious and addictive!

But the reality is, the Jesus culture – this culture of true love, along with the inaugurated Kingdom of God, has Already come, but Not Yet brought into its fullness. The world doesn’t recognize it in our words and deeds, and sometimes we don’t even recognize it from each other. Our earthly cultures are keeping us captive by differentiations – the boxes we put each other into – the nationality, the ethnicity, the gender, the social status...

Let me make this very clear, the Jesus culture is as much a culture of love as a culture of holiness. If our final destination is Holiness, then love is what takes us there and bind us together. Love should become the common language between us, should become the glasses through which we see the world, should become our motives, and even our every move. God is Love, thus when we love we have God with us!

Let us be wise to discern what belongs to the earthly cultures and the Jesus culture. Let us be free from the captivity of the principle of the world. Let us love by taking up our own crosses and follow the One whom we truly belong to. Let us love as He first loved us. That is how we are identified as the citizens of the Heaven.

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