Thursday, June 14, 2012


One of the misconceptions about Christianity is thinking that believing in God is an act of unconfident, but in reality it is just the opposite.

I have friends who claim to have strong self-confidence when it is obvious that they don’t really know their own worth. You may rely on professional skills, friends, alcohol, expensive objects, wealth, job title and/or public recognition to give you the confidence, but when those are taken away from you, what do you have left?

You may blame the government, your age (old or young), anything or anyone, but you know blaming won’t make you feel better. What being a Christian gives me is that I know my value and my worth even when I am a nobody, and it gives me a great confidence to know that God could use me even in my weakness. Why do I have such confidence? Because I know who I am and what I am in God’s eye.

For starters, the Scripture tells us we are loved and justified children of God, you don’t feel it that way because you are not opened to receive His love. If only you could see how much you are loved by God, you’ll know your value and treasure your life.

Am I unconfident? Absolutely not! I have the confidence in my strengths, the gifts God gave me, and I also have the confidence in God, knowing that I can be useful to Him even when I’m not at my best. This confidence in God gives me the positivity and perspective that move me forward.

If you feel that your life is trapped, and it doesn’t seem to get you anywhere no matter how hard you try, please know that God is waiting for you with open arms. Will you respond to Him?

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