Sunday, January 23, 2011

God is Good and Faithful

I started to pray nightly after a series of events happened in my life. After a while, I started to feel that my relationship with God is getting closer and closer, and this close-ish relationship gave me the peace that I have never felt before.

At some point of time, I began to feel exhausted with my previous job, and I was in a bad health condition, so I needed a break for...not just a week or two, but an entire month. I never have any long break before ever since I started to work. Even when I switch from my first job to my previous job, I only had one day off.

I have to feed myself, so being jobless was a hard decision to make. What if I can't find a job after the break? What if I run out of money before my break ends? What if I can't find a job with equivalent offer? Those “what ifs” got me for a while, but not for long, because somehow, there was this peace in me telling me to take the break worrilessly.

To be rational, still I checked the head hunting websites before I give my quitting notice. There were some nice senior web designer job openings, they were really attractive, but if I start to send my resume before I take the break, the chance is I probably won't even have a break.

Right at that moment, I felt another peace in me, as if it was telling me not to worry about job hunting, there will be a job ready for me when my break ends. So I closed my FireFox window, and brought up my quit to my supervisor a few days later, which was around the beginning of November 2010.

In December, my break began. I relaxed whole lot, went to bed and got up as late as I like, felt whole lot healthier, started to attend Sunday service, made new friends, spent a lot of time with my dog...etc. etc. during my break.

Two weeks before my break ends, I figured it was about time to send out my resumes, so I updated it, got it published on 104 (a head hunting website). Since it was late at night, I decided I'll edit my 1111 (another head hunting website) resume the next day, and NOT to send out any resume until after returning from my Macau trip.

Interesting things happened the next day. I started to get interview calls right away. Two companies invited me to interview before my trip. After the interviews, one of them invited me to the 2nd round interview with their big boss as soon as I get back to Taipei.

The 2nd round interview went smoothly, and I got the job and got offered a decent salary.

What's amazing about it are – 1. This was the company that I couldn't get into. I actually sent my resume to this company a long long long time ago when I was at my first job, but never hear from them. 2. This was a position I couldn't get. I had website programming in mind, but based on my previous working experiences (I have over 7 years of web "design" experiences), generally, the chance of getting hired as a programmer was low. And programming really wasn't what I'm proud of. 3. My new job started in the beginning of January 2011, my break was exactly one month long, just as planned. 4. I got the job without sending out one single resume. I got my resume updated and published on only one head hunting website, and that was it. I was all over my Macau trip, so I didn't have the chance to send out my resumes to the companies I found.

But of course, I was really lost and stressed when my new job started. It's a new place and new role for me. With God's togetherness, things are getting better now, I actually do programming alright. But in my heart I know, a lot of the times I just got "lucky!" If it wasn't for God, a lot of the things wouldn't work out.

I guess this whole thing for me is another wondrous experience of God's grace, and I'm keeping it a record as my witness and self-reminder of faith. What I learned from it is...God knows me so well, he knows exactly what I wanted deep down in my heart, sometimes, I didn't even pay attention to them myself. Trust in God and his offers, he has everything ready for me, it's just that I won't always know what and when.

God is Good and Faithful.

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